Republican rep and candidate for governor Patricia Morgan is hitting the TV airwaves this week and she's apparently looking for a first round knockout punch. The Pro-Jo says Morgan has booked about 30K worth of TV spots to start during the NCDOUBLE A tourney. A recent Eyewitness News/Roger Williams University poll pegged her as a candidate for governor who is little know outside of the Marble Palace so she's decided to attack both Democratic incumbent Gina Raimondo and her main GOP opponent, Allan Fung. Morgan paints with a wide brush...she has to if she wants to get a decent bang for her limited buck....calling Raimondo one of the the worst governors in the country and insists Rhode Island wants her gone. Her ad also insists 'DC insiders think they can tell us to vote for Allan Fung calling him a total insider. Exactly when the sitting mayor of Crnaston become a DC insider escapes me...but, hey, Morgan's got limited funds and she's gotta let it fly. A spokesperson for Morgan's campaign says the ad intends to convey that voters all across Rhode Island are tired of Raimondo's failures as Governor and the last thing they want is another corrupt political insider like Allan Fung. Hey, when you're on a shoe string budget you've got to shoe horn as much into 30 seconds as you can and go for the gold.


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