The leaders of California's Orange County voted  to condemn the state's sanctuary law, which limits police cooperation with immigration authorities, and join the Trump administration's lawsuit aimed at overturning the law. The county Board of Supervisors, who are all Republicans, voted unanimously for the measures.

There's been growing rebellion in more conservative-leaning areas of California against the state's sanctuary law, which was approved by the Democratic-controlled Legislature last year. Orange County has long been Republican, although Democrats have gained significant ground there in recent years, and it's becoming more diverse. Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Kilmartin's working with the New York AG's office on a multi state lawsuit to preserve what he calls "a fair and accurate census." Kilmartin's concerned Rhode Island could lose appropriation of federal funds because of the chance of losing a seat in the House of Representatives. Rhode Island has a razor thin situation when it comes to 2020...157 fewer people counted means a game of musical chairs with one chair taken away. Wouldn't THAT be an interesting scenario for the RI political scene? 


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