Laura Ingraham will definitely think twice before she bashes another Parkland school student. To review, she accused David Hogg of whining for not getting accepted into a few colleges. In response, David called on people to pressure a list of companies to remove their ads from her shows, including “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News. 

Ingraham issued an apology for “any upset or hurt my tweet caused [David] or any of the brave victims of Parkland.” He rejected her apology because it only happened after they went after her advertisers. He added, “It kind of speaks for itself.” So far, Fox News hasn’t commented. 

But advertisers have. Rachel Ray’s pet food line, Nutrish, was the first to tweet that they’d no longer advertise with the show. Soon after, TripAdvisor, Nestlé, and Wayfair followed suit. Although Expedia wasn’t on that list – which also included Hulu, AT&T, and Liberty Mutual – they said they, too, wouldn’t have ads on Laura’s show.

Here's the thing...Was she right? After all...he DID do an interview with TMZ where he did appear to be complaining about the fact that he got accepted to a number of schools, just not the ones he wanted. 


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