The Providence Journal ran an editorial entitled FUNG OWES PUBLIC SOME SUBSTANCE after the Cranston Mayor and GOP gubernatorial candidate took aim at Rhode Island's high property taxes and business fees, saying he'd bring them down if elected in November. Fung's ECONOMIC POLICY PLAN says he'd reduce the state's sales tax from 7% to 5% and make the state's licensing, permitting and business incorporation the lowest in New England. While that's a nice message, Fung offered now details on how these ideas would work when the state budget already face deficits in the hundreds of millions. Mario Cumo once said "you campaign in poetry. You govern in prose." That old Lady in the WENDY'S commercials stated it better when she asked "wheres the beef?" I'm sure...or at least I hope....for Fung's sake, he'll have more details on his ECONOMIC POLICY PLAN as we wander deeper into the silly season. As the Pro Jo editorial closed, "empty promises won't cut it."


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