Years ago, when technology didn't allow us to instantly message people, it used to be THE LETTER YOU WRITE AGAINST THE LETTER YOU SEND. In other words, you could blow off steam writing one letter saying EXACTLY what you're feeling, then tone it down with more tempered language. Now, it's just a matter of how many characters you can use and instant gratification....or instant embarrassment. State Rep Michael Chippendale, a republican representing Foster, responded to a tweet from 19 year old Emma Gonzalez regarding the deadly shooting at that Nashville Waffle house Sunday.  Gonzalez said since a civilian was able to wrestle the gun away from the shooter, there's no need to arm teachers or resouce officers. Chippendale tweeted back "but if he DID have agun, the police still wouldn't be searching for the gunman and the entire region wouldn't be on lockdown...dummy." Expressing your opinion's fine, calling a 19 year old school shooting survivor is, well, a no win. I'll tell you one person who cringed big time...that's Cranston Mayor and GOP gubernatorial candidate Allan Fung. Chippendale's co-chair of Fung's gubernatorial campaign. Fung's camp said he hopes Chippendale will choose his words "better in the future."


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