Long time Warwick Mayor Scott Avedisian leaving for a RIPTA post...Former Secretary of State Matt Brown will run against Governor Raimondo in a Democratic primary....and Linc Chafee says he's 90% sure he'll  take on Senator Sheldon Whitehouse instead of running for Governor again. You following all this? Let's look at Brown's decision to run in a Democratic primary instead of as an Independent. Most political pundits aren't sure whether Brown's platform...renewable energy, forming a state bank and buying prescription drugs from Canada...will pose a serious enough threat to topple Raimondo. Cook Political Report's Jennifer Duffy says running as a Democrat will make fundraising more difficult for Brown and he'll find it tough to hire top campaign talent. Pollster Joe Fleming says if Raimndo gets through a primary it eliminates a person who draws Democratic and progressive votes away from her in the General Election. Primaries in RI have historically low turnouts and Brown's platform plays well with the East Side crowd, so he'll have that going for him. So, as it shapes up now, it's RAIMONDO and BROWN in a Democratic primary, Allan Fung, Patricia Morgan and Gio Feroce in a Republican primary showdown and Joe Trillo running as an Indy. As for Chafee, well, I'll need ALOT more air time to address that!


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