Two of the three so called BIG THREE of network news didn't do themselves any favors last week. The Peacock network had egg on its face reporting federal investigators had placed a wiretap on the phone of President Trump's attorney Michael Cohen. 

                                                                                                                                     NBC News ran a story yesterday afternoon that it corrected hours later that said federal authorities had wiretapped the phones of Michael Cohen. The correction said that while the source of Cohen's calls was being monitored, the calls weren't being listened to. A so-called "pen register," which has to be signed off on by a judge, keeps a log of phone numbers on both ends of conversations, but doesn't listen to the content of calls.


More women are coming forward and saying they were sexually harassed by veteran newsma, Charlie Rose. An investigative report by "The Washington Post" says an additional 27 women are claiming they were sexually harassed by Rose.

Of those, 14 worked with Rose at CBS News and 13 worked with him elsewhere. Many of them spoke on the condition of anonymity because they said they feared retaliation. And by the way? The new allegations date back to 1976.

But that’s not all, the report also found three occasions over a 30-year-period when CBS managers were allegedly warned of Rose's conduct toward female employees. Rose has responded to the report by calling it “unfair” and “inaccurate.”

Rose was first publicly accused of sexual misconduct back in November by eight women who worked with him at PBS


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