Well, THAT didn't take long. Reps from the NBA, MLB, and the the PGA blanketed the State House entering testimony at a State Finance Committee hearing on a proposal to include legalized sports betting at Twin River, one day after the Supreme Court's ruling striking down a ban on sports betting for individual states. The leagues want their piece of the pie. Governor Raimondo included $23.5 million bucks in her budget hoping the Court's decision would go her way...which it did. Lawmakers have been laying groundwork  for quite some time to start benefiting from this. Those league lobbyists must have been on retainer to swoop into the marble palace that quickly. GOP gubernatorial candidate Allan Fung and Indy candidate Joe Trillo both frown on plugging state budget holes with sports gambling dough. Me? I have no problem at all. Any way I can avoid paying another dime of a tax increase, I'm all for it...plus RI's proposal doesn't allow betting on PC or URI or other local college action. People who want to gamble have always found a way...so why shouldn't WE, the state taxpayers, benefit from it?


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