It looks as though Governor Gina Raimondo's GOP challengers have targeted the Office of Health and Human Services as the prime issue in the gubernatorial race. The Executive Office of Health and Human Services is an umbrella agency created by Governor Don Carcieri. It's made up of the state departments overseeing health care, child welfare and public assistance programs. That's alot on one plate and Cranston Mayor and GOP gubernatorial candidate Allan Fung wants to give the EOHHS an enema starting with firing director Eric Beane and then starting over. RI GOP Chair Brandon Bell echoed Fung's position taking it all the way to the top saying RI voters also need to fire Raimondo come November. House Minority Leader and GOP candidate for governor Patricia Morgan stopped short of suggesting nuking the EOHHS saying a change in structure's not needed but a change at the top is. Healthcare, the welfare of children and assistance for those in need of the basic staples to live...Three areas Raimondo CAN'T lose.


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