Sometimes the SILLY SEASON is all about making a political mountain out of a mole hill. A controversy involving a Georgia lawmaker's reelection endorsement of Governor Gina Raimondo drew fire from GOP gubernatorial hopeful, Minority Leader Patricia Morgan as she accused the governor of deceit. Morgan's attack came off a comment made by U-S Rep John Lewis, a civil rights icon, to EYEWITNESS NEWS. Lewis endoresed Raimondo only to learn, after the facet, that his LONGTIME friend, Matt Brown, was running against her in the Democratic primary. Lewis said if he knew THAT he would have remained neutral or endorsed Brown.  A spokesperson for Lewis said the rep became a friend and mentor of Brown in the 1990's, through Brown's participation in CITY YEAR, a national  service program. Lewis didn't rescind his Raimonndo endorsement and his spokesperson for Lewis told the PRO JO Raimondo's campaign outreach didn't give the Congressman any taste of deceit so it appears Morgan's claim is a "REACH" AT BEST. As for Lewis and Brown, how tight can their friendship be if Lewis wasn't even aware Brown was running in a demoocratic primary?


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