It's been anything but a day at the beach lately for Indy  candidate for governor Joe Trillo. Over the weekend, Trillo's 65 foot yacht he's used as a floating billboard was sidelined after running aground off Charlestown. Now Trillo's facing thousands of dollars in fined from the town of Narragansett for refusing to take down a jumbo sized campaign sign on his family's property at Scarborough Beach. Town officials say the 192 square foot sign violates local zoning and a ban on political signs until 60 days before an election. The town's fining the Trillo family trust that owns the property $500 bucks a day until that sign comes down. Trillo tells the Pro-Jo it's a bunch of "political flap" and vows to keep up the sign until he has his day in court. Trillo admits the private residential property, which is occupied by his sister, DOES sit in a zoning district designed for public land taht DOESN'T allow any private signs but says the town should be working with him to remedy the zoning situation. That bump in the road was created when his family sold that beachfront property...once known as Olivo's Beach...to the state back in 1986. The sign brouhaha is the latest episode as the Trillo campaign tries to drive name recognition in unconventional ways. Mission accomplished.


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