Indy gubernatorial candidate Joe Trillo is putting the theory of THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS BAD PUBLICITY to the test. Last weekend Trillo's 65 foot yacht that he uses as a campaign billboard had to be rescued, with Trillo aboard, after it hit rocks off the beach in Charlestown. Trillo's version of the mishap is alot different than that of a person aboard the yacht in a 9-1-1 call to the Coast Guard. The audio released by the Pro-Jo confirms what witnesses on the beach claimed saying the yacht was only "100 yards from the sand." Trillo has rejected claims that he was boating too close to the beach estimating the distance at a thousand feet. Many beach goers weren't too pleased with the blaring patriotic music Trillo's yacht was blasting towards the shore either. Trillo's also in a war with the town of Narragansett over a 192 square foot campaign sign he has up on property near the entrance to Scaborough beach saying it violates zoning laws and the town's fining Trillo $500 bucks a day. Trillo says it's staying up til he has his day in court. This candidate is certainly putting one axiom to the test.


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