Her cup runneth over. We know Governor Gina Raimondi is a prolific fundraiser but maybe we need to find a new adjective to describe how much she generates for her campaign coffers. Filings made with the state Board of Elections says the Raimondo campaign expects to spend nearly $7.8 million on her re-election. The filings, whixh are used to determine the candidates that are eligible for public matching funds, show Raimondo's campaign has spent $1.5 million since she took office in 2015 and expected to unleash another $6.2 million through the end of the year. So how do her challengers stack up against her money wise? Her primary opponents? Matt Brown has about $207 thousand bucks in his warchest and Spencer Dickenson expects to spend about $42 grand. GOP challengers Allan Fung has $572 thousand  Patricia Morgan has $140 grand on hand and Giovanni Feroce says he expects to spend around $5,400. As for Indy Joe Trillo, I don't know how much he has left after fixing the propeller on the Lady M.


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