The verdict came in on Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer yesterday and it was more than just a slap on the wrist.

It was more of a slap on each wrist.

Because while Meyer will keep his job, he will be suspended from it for the first three games of the upcoming 2018 season without pay.

Not like the pay is a big deal for the highest paid state employee in all of Ohio—who was slated to make $7.6-million this—but it is a big deal for the team as, while he can rejoin the program after September 2nd, he will not be allowed to coach in the team's first three games.

That means Meyers will miss the fifth-ranked Buckeyes' games against Oregon State, Rutgers and Number 16 TCU.

The moves come after a two-week investigation into allegations that Meyer and others mishandled domestic assault accusations made against former assistant coach Zach Smith.

"Although neither Urban Meyer nor Gene Smith condoned or covered up the alleged domestic abuse by Zach Smith, they failed to take sufficient management action relating to Zach Smith's misconduct and retained an Assistant Coach who was not performing as an appropriate role model for OSU student-athletes," the school said in a statement. "Permitting such misconduct to continue is not consistent with the values of the University and reflects poorly on Coach Meyer, Athletic Director Smith, and the University."


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