"Put gum  on my opponent's  shoe" is how  the late Buddy Cianci described the political strategy of slowing down the individuals he was running against. In other words, find an issue you can glom onto your opponent and then pound it into the minds of voters. Initially I thought Governor Raimondo's opponents would focus on the UHIP mess but now I'm starting to think it could be a three pronged attack. Certainly UHIP will be front and but the loss of the Pawsox and the NIGHTMARE of the WASHINGTON BRIDGE repair could be a three pronged salvo aimed at the Democrat seeking her second term. When pressed on those traffic headaches the governor's initial response was "Ask DOT. A traffic engineer I am not." As for losing the PAWSOX on her watch, well, that's a big stretch as Raimondo was supportive of a stadium deal from day one although she never really used her bully pulpit to get behind it. All of her opponents...in both the upcoming primary and possibly the General election (should she get there) were opposed to a stadium deal...but let's not let the facts get into the way of putting gum on someone's shoe.


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