Former Governor and U-S Senator Linc Chafee slammed Governor Gina Raimondo for her refusal to  debate during the Democratic primary. Chafee told GOLOCAL PROV it's inconceivable Raimodno's skirting primary debates suggesting she's "too scared" to defend her record on a number of issues. Chafee made the comments on a press call which was organized by Matt Brown who is facing off against Raimondo and Spencer DickInson in the primary. Chafee thinks a lot of voters make up their minds based on debates. A recent show poll we did suggested just the opposite. On the Republican side, Patricia Morgan's been touring the state with someone in a chicken suit as her opponent Allan Fung has avoided primary debates too. Polls show both Raimondo and Fung with big leads so from a strategic campaign  stand point...why debate? Independent Joe Trillo's been critical of BOTH Raimondo and Fung for not debating during the primaries, but his argument becomes moot should Raimondo and Fung move on to the general election. Both have said they'll debate at that time. So, what's Trillo going to do, complain they skirt debates DURING a debate?


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