Some thoughts as round one of the Silly Season winds down with the primary just days away....Robert Flanders, GOP candidate running against Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has a TV ad running where an actor playing Whitehouse is a one topic candidate constantly commenting "climate change" to every query. The ad actually identifies the actor as Whitehouse and not an actor portrayal. There's a red flag I think....Lt Governor hopeful Aaron Regunberg's ad promises transparency in the State House. It also suggests he'll deliver Universal Healthcare. Can someone tell me how the Lt Governor's office in RI can get us Universal Healthcare? Governor Raimondo just started an attack TV ad against her primary opponent, matt Brown, suggesting "money laundering" during Brown's failed U-S Senate bid 12 years ago. This coming after months of positive ads targeted at her political base. The Brooking's Institute's Darrel West suggests the race might be closer than we think or Raimondo fear a last minute surge by Brown. Me, i think Raimondo's got SO MUCH MONEY in her coffers her campaign figures, hey, why not throw some dough into a last minute Brown Blitz too.


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