If you put stock in something reported in the Lowell Sun, another professional baseball team could be heading to McCoy Stadium once the Pawsox bolt to Worcester after the 2020 season, a possible future tenant could be another pro baseball team. The Single A New York Penn League could offer the city of Pawtucket a life line when the Pawsox pack up and head north.  The Batavia New York Muckdogs are available for purchase after their ownership was surrendered to the league prior to the 2018 season. The New York Penn League is made up of recent high school and college draftees and they play a 76 game schedule. The Muckdogs have served an an affiliate for the Miami Marlins since 2013...ugh, oh, there's a Yankee connection there as Derek Jeter's a Miami owner. Any team wishing to call McCoy home sweet home faces significant renovation costs including cracking concrete and leaking ceilings and floors just about everywhere and costs could run into the millions. A Pawsox spokesperson told the paper the organization has no current plans to acquire any other baseball franchises and move them to the city as sort of a parting gift. That's OK, they've done quite enough for Pawtucket.


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