Officer-Involved Shooting Reaches Sentence

(Providence, RI)  --  The man whose actions set off a chaotic situation that resulted in a deadly police-involved shooting in downtown Providence last November is getting prison time.  Donald Morgan, who had been under arrest by state police, was accused of speeding away in a state trooper's car after the trooper stopped and got out for a traffic accident on Route 146, ditching the car in the Elmwood area of Providence, and getting into a truck, according to a witness.  Police found a truck that matched the description, driven by Joseph Santos, who reportedly knew Morgan, and engaged in a high-speed chase that ended on Interstate 95 near the Providence Place Mall, ending in the shooting death of Santos.  Morgan, who was found and arrested the next day, was sentenced yesterday to ten years at the ACI, with three-and-a-half-years to serve, and credit for time served, according to the Rhode Island Attorney General's office.


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