By now you've heard all about Governor Gina Raimdono's anti Allan Fung TV ad that featured footage of boarded up business in Providence instead of Cranston...whoops. A pair of party leaders appeared on Ch 12 Newsmakers over the weekend with the Democrat pointing out Fung tried to sell a 2014 TV ad that was shot inside an Ohio diner as a Cranston there. Let's talk about content for a second and not the visuals. Both Raimondo and Fung have TV ads running accusing each other of being the reason BENNY'S closed. Now THAT'S a stretch. You can expect these accusations to ramp up to a feverish height by the time we get to election day. Meantime, after a rather bitter and negative Democratic  primary, Matt Brown DID follow up on his pre-vote promise to support Raimondo should she win. However, Patricia Morgan, who lost to Allan Fung but generated close to 40% of the GOP primary, has yet to commit to endorsing Fung and I won't be surprised if she doesn't. THAT could hurt Fung and swing anti-Raimondo votes to Indy Joe Trillo.


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