Well, it certainly didn't take long to find out if the first televised debate among RI's gubernatorial debate would remain civil. Maybe it was all the penned up energy incumbent Gina Raimondo and GOP challenger Allan Fung had after skirting primary debates. Whatever it was, the three candidates for GovernOR came out smokin' and never gave it a rest. As I expected, Fung immediately attacked raimondo over the UHIP debacle while she hit Fung back on the Cranston ticketing scandal that resulted in a state police takeover of the cops in his city plus going after his campaign rent checks going uncashed by a powerful Cranston developer., a crack Fung called "a cheap shot." When Independent candidate Joe Trillo joined the dance , business really picked up,  Trillo, a long time Republican turned Indy used jokes, name calling even funny voices to hit the two front runners. Trillo entered the debate with a little over 7% of the vote according to the most recent FLEMING AND ASSOCIATES poll looking to land as many body blows as possible. Trillo was the chair of the Donald Trump for President campaign in RI and emulated the President's penchant for name calling labeling Raimondo "Give Away Gina" and Funf "Flip Flop Fung" even calling Fung "wimpy" for not taking on issues. All three did a good job in this first televised debate, but it was Trillo's oversized persoanlity that took over the room and with most thinking he'll take votes more from Fung than Raimodno, it appears Fung might have to change course a bit and focus some of is TV ads on Trillo instead of 100% on raimodno.


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