With less than five weeks until RI's gubernatorial election, the question is CAN YOU SURVIVE THE BOMBARDMENT of the candidates' television ads until then. Incumbent Gina Raimondo and her GOP opponent Allan Fung have SO MANY TV ads running that you can't escape them no matter how quickly you reach for the remote. Raimondo and Fung (plus their respective parties and other groups supporting them) have SO many TV ads running  I've actually seen them run back to back. Yup, pro Raimondo ads running up against a pro Fung ad. Then there are the super negative ads against each candidate and I've watched THOSE run back to back! Come on, at least you can  stick an auto dealer in between the two, can't you? Five weeks from now I expect to wander into the voting booth suffering from a nervous's insufferable! Of course, the local TV stations are laughing all the way to the bank as they continue to shoe horn as many of these ads as time will allow. I've seen enough of Raimondo hoisting a brew and Fung adorned in his Trump knight cap...I see it in my sleep. It's become must NOT see TV!


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