The Providence school bus drivers' strike is in its second week. 9 thousand Providence elementary school kids...including those with special needs...have been abandoned at the bus stop. The drivers, represented by Teamsters Local 251 want to participate in a pension plan while First Student, the company that provides the buses want to keep the drivers in a 401K plan. That's the issue...period. The ONLY reason parents of 9 thousand kids have to blow up their day and  find a way to get their kids to school. During the first televised Gov's debate, all three candidates said they'd like to see such strikes be illegal but that's a moot point as First Student is a private company. Most of these drivers are part time employees.a Seriously, a pension?  Since the strike began, TV news coverage has shown video of those striking drivers picketing with cars honking their horns as they pass by. Listen carefully to those horns, drivers....they're not honking in support. their honking to tell you to go back to work and participate in a 401K like the rest of the REAL world.


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