One thing still  etched in my mind after watching the first televised gubernatorial debate is Governor Gina Raimondo trying to control a smile on her face as time after time GOP challenger Allan Fung and former republican and now Indy candidate Joe Trillo went after each other. Most political pundits have said from day one that Trillo will take more votes away from Fung than he will from the incumbent Raimondo and the longer Trillo remains relevant in the race, the further behind Fung will fall. A Providence Journal-RI Public Radio-ABC 6 poll released last week had Raimondo with a 14 point lead over Fung. Just a couple of weeks earlier, a Fleming and Associates poll had Fung trailing Raimondo by 7%. Since the debate, a story came out about Trillo getting into a skirmish 30 years ago with his 14 year old neighbor at the time...little Nicky MatTiello. Trillo accused the Fung campaign of "dirty tricks"  getting that story to the media. Trillo then asked for a pound of flesh insisting   Fung release police records of a fatal crash he was involved in when he was 18...something Fung made public during the 2014 election. Trillo reviving discussion of the crash asking if Fung had been drug tested or whether he was under the influence of alcohol. The more Trillo and Fung exchange body blows over the next three weeks, the more Raimondo's going to have to try to stifle a smirk.


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