Not a stellar week for Cranston mayor and GOP gubernatorial hopeful Allan Fung. First a Fleming and Associates poll done for EYEWITNESS NEWS and ROGER WILLIAMS UNIVERSITY said incumbent Gina Raimondo has extended her lead over Fung to 11 points while Fungs unfavorablity had grown a whopping 10 percent.  Besides those slipping poll numbers, Fung has had a bad stretch behind the scenes. Last week, the Republican Governor's Association stopped funneling money to support Fung TV ads, a sign they feel the RI gubernatorial race may no longer be  winnable...then this week, The RI Democratic Party's Women's Caucus took Fung to task for his continued association with a local talk show host who once referred to female union members as "cockroaches", "union hags" and "whores"...then Fung's campaign secretary resigned over insensitive old tweets. Andrew Agustus tweeted references to women he found unattractive and joked about black people  and Asians while in college in 2011 and 2012. The Fung campaign said they vetted his social media posts but didn't go that far back. Wouldn't that be the FIRST place you'd start looking at someone's social media posts...while the person was in high school or college? This will likely be more grist for the mill at the final TV debate Thursday night on NBC 10.


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