Now that the holiday season is upon us, it’s time for offices to start embracing the holiday spirit, and it sounds like plenty plan to.

A new survey finds that 93% of companies will be doing something for the holidays this year with 48% having on or off-site parties, while 45% will put up holiday decorations. And it looks like a lot of those parties will be better than last year, with 41% of companies saying they plan to spend more this season, with only 7% spending less.

So, do you have to go to your company’s office party? Well, as much as you may want to skip it you probably shouldn’t. According to the poll,  66% of offices managers say there is an unwritten rule that employees should attend a holiday bash.

Now one area that can get sticky come holiday time is gift giving. Turns out, 58% of workers say they give out year-end presents in the office, with 50% giving them to colleagues and 35% giving them to the boss. But those people who give them out aren’t doing it out of obligation. In fact, 84% say they do it because they want to.

And when it comes to gift giving, the survey finds that workers in San Diego, Miami, San Francisco and Chicago are the most likely to be handing out gifts, while those in Seattle, Cleveland, Minneapolis and Denver are the least likely.


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