Sparks Fly Between Raimondo And Fung In Debate

(Providence, RI)  --  The last debate between candidates for Rhode Island governor in next week's election was perhaps the most argumentative one yet.  In the debate hosted Thursday night by Rhode Island College and WJAR-TV, the first question was if Democratic incumbent Gina Raimondo and independent Joe Trillo were conspiring to prevent Republican candidate Allan Fung from getting elected, which both denied and Raimondo called an offensive suggestion.  Raimondo and Fung traded punches on mistakes the candidates have made, such as the DCYF, DHS and UHIP problems for Raimondo and the state police assessment of the Cranston Police Department for Fung, the mayor of that city.  On the topic of the economy, Fung and Trillo said Raimondo was trying to take credit for national trends.  On school performance, Raimondo highlighted problems at Cranston High School East, while Fung shot back about the shortcomings of Community College of Rhode Island and its Raimondo-backed Promise Program.


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