For all the hoopla and money spent during this local election cycle, the night certainly lacked drama. Votes are tallied up very quickly thanks to new technology and the results were in before the ink was dry on acceptance and concession speeches. Democrats Dan McKee, Seth Magaziner and Nelly Gorbea won re-election as Lt Governor, General Treasurer and Secretary of State respectively. It didn't hurt that you couldn't pick their opponents out of a line-up. Same can be said of Congressman David Ciccilini and Jim Langevin. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse had an easy time of it too defeating former RI Supreme Court Justice Robert Flanders 61%-38%. Raimondo took 56% of the vote in the Governor's race to Fung's 37% and Indy Joe Trillo's trickle of 5%. Four years ago, Fung narrowly lost to Raimondo when one in 5 voters backed the late Bob Healy. Many claimed Healy cost Fung the election and they certainly had an argument. The argument held during this election with most calling former Republican lawmaker turned Independent Joe Trillo a spoiler....but based on these numbers, I doubt that argument holds water this time around. One thing I AM sure of....THE RI GOP still has A LOT of work to do. 


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