Governor Gina Raimondo and First Gentleman Andy Moffitt will light the State House Christmas Tree tonite and their Christmas Wish is this year's tree will be free of controversy. The celebration has been more akin to Frank Costanza's FESTIVUS airing of grievances than holiday cheer over the years. This year's tree comes from Bedrock Tree Farm in South Kingstown. Let's hope it stays more hydrated than last year's tree which had to be removed and replaced after all of its needles fell off long before Santa was ready to make his rounds. It wasn't the first time the State House Christmas tree's needles fell off. The Pro Jo says 13 years ago the tree shed all its needles after it was covered with a chemical fire retardant. Rhody made national headlines back in 2011 when then Governor Linc Chafee virtually declared war on Christmas when he decided to call it a HOLIDAY TREE. That became holiday grist for late night comediens and Saturday Night Live. The next year, Chafee's office originally told reporters there would be NO Tree ceremony only to hold one with 30 minutes notice to avoid media scrutiny. Chafee hastily flipped the light switch and bolted from sight faster than Marley's ghost. Let's hope we can keep this year's tree hydrated and in place in the State House Rotunda and off the evening news.


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