A Cleveland radio station that's gone wall to wall Christmas music has jettisoned one long time holiday fave from its playlist. Gone is the duet BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE after a listener called to say it was inappropriate amid the hashtag ME TOO movement. The song's been the subject of debate for the past few years with some arguing it displays key signs of rape culture. Among the lyrics is the woman asking "what's in this drink?" The tune was written in 1944 by Frank Loesser who supposedly wrote it for his wife to perform with him at parties. I'm sure Loesser wasn't referring to Christmas at Bill Cosby's house with that lyric, but that's just me. Lots of Christmas standards can be considered politically  incorrect when put under the microscope. Lyrics to IT'S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS claims " a pair of hop along boots and a pistol that shoots is the wish of Barney and Ben." Not good in these times. The sad part is BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE in a fine tune. Perhaps a slight re-working of the lyrics can return it to the Christmas rotation next seas...and while we're at it, let's tweak the wishes of Barney and Ben...and exactly what ARE hop along boots?


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