We are now in he holiday season and if you’re already feeling a bit exhausted, and perpetually hung over, it seems you are not alone. A new survey confirms that Americans go out and drink a lot more over the holiday season.

The poll finds that Americans are likely to drink 100% more between Thanksgiving and New Years than they do throughout the rest of the year. It seems 69% of people say they will be socializing during the holidays, and while most people go to, on average, one social event a week, during a non-holiday week, that number goes up to three times a week during the holidays. 

And with all those events, comes booze, and for a lot of folks, too much booze. All that partying will lead to three alcohol-related rough mornings during the holidays, with the average American late to work three times during the season, with 70% adding that it makes them less productive in the office. Even worse, the average American will call in sick twice during the holiday season. 

Meanwhile, the poll also sought to find out what everyone is drinking over the holidays. The top holiday drink is Eggnog (40%), followed by coffee with Baileys (34%), and a Christmas beer (28%).


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