Michelle Obama Pens Mother's Day Essay

In honor of Mother’s Day, Michelle Obama took time this year to share some memories of her mom, Marian Robinson. In a new essay, which she wrote for "People" magazine, Mrs. O talks about how her mom helped shape the life of the girl from Chicago’s South Side who would grow up to be America’s First Lady. She also reflects on what she learned about parenting from her own mother. 

In the piece, she talks about how her mom was a woman who chose her words carefully and how she would pack a lot of meaning in very short bursts and that she had a very a sweet, witty demeanor. It was that wit and demeanor that helped Michelle become the woman she is today. 

Michelle went on to say how she believes it's up to mothers all over the world to give girls the support that will keep their flames lit...much like her mother did. "In today’s world, it’s easy to hear all that and think that Marian Robinson was bordering on negligent...that she was letting the kids rule the roost," Obama writes. "But the reality was far from that. She and my father, Fraser, were wholly invested in their children, pouring a deep and durable foundation of goodness and honesty, of right and wrong, into my brother and me. After that, they simply let us be ourselves." 

Source: People

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