KFC Debuts Chester Cheetah As The New Colonel Sanders

While there will only ever be one Harland Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, many celebs have donned that white suit, white wig, and black bow tie to take on the role.

In recent years, KFC has turned stars from Norm MacDonald to Reba McEntire into Colonel Sanders, and the latest famous face to become the Colonel is none other than Chester Cheetah. Yep,the Cheetos mascot is now the face of KFC. Chester’s turn as Sanders goes with the launch of the chicken chain’s new Cheetos Sandwich, whichwe recently told you about.

The ad featuring ‘Colonel Chester’ is a bit of a ‘90s throwback, where he saves the day for some hungry kids by introducing them to “co-branded flavor.” He even skateboards while wearing the famous white suit and the whole thing is dangerously cheesy. Check out the ad.

Source:Food and Wine

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