A Lot Of Teachers Are Working During Their Summer Break

One thing that’s great about being a teacher is having your summers off, but it turns out a lot of teachers aren’t actually spending their summer months relaxing. In fact, a new poll finds many of them will actually be working a second job. 

A new Pew Research poll finds that 16% of U.S. public elementary and secondary school teachers had a a non-school summer job before the 2015-2016 school year. But it isn’t just the summer. It turns out 18% of teachers had second jobs during that same school year.

Overall the study found the money teachers made from summer jobs represented about 7% of their total income, with jobs taken during the school year representing 9% of their income.

  • But not every teacher will spend their summers working. It seems teachers with less experience and who are younger are most likely to take a second job, likely because their salaries are lower. In fact, about 32% of teachers will one year or less under their belt will take a non-school job over the summer, while only 20% of teachers with two to four years worked during their summer break. As for age, 26% of teachers under 30 have worked during the summer, something only 16% of those 30 to 39, 14% of those 40 to 42 and 12% of those 50 and older did.

Source:Pew Research

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