New Report Looks At Diversity In The Workplace

There’s a lot of talk these days about diversity, especially in the work force, but how are companies really doing in that area? Well, a new report sought to find out that very thing.

Namely’s annual Workplace Diversity Report looks into many areas of diversity, and it seems companies efforts are having mixed results. For example, the survey finds that white males still make up 63% of all managers, a much larger amount than women and non-majority employees, with both groups still making less than their white male peers.

But this isn’t true for all industries. In fact, non-profit companies have the most equal representation of women in the top salary tier, while  technology and healthcare companies the least.

And when it comes to actual employees, men make up the majority in six out of industries looked at, with financial services, media, professional services, real estate, and retail, the most gender-equal industries. 

  • ONE MORE THING…The survey also finds that 10% of companies offer employees gender options other than “male” or “female, and of those companies, they offer 25 unique gender identities, up from five last year.

Source:Yahoo Finance

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