What's Up With The Viral FaceApp?

The latest social media challenge has people posting pictures of what they'll look like when they're old. The #AgeChallenge is also called the FaceApp Challenge, because it requires you to upload a picture of yourself using FaceApp. You can then alter your appearance using the app.

The problem? A Russian company is behind the app, and users may be unknowingly giving developers the right to keep your photo for public display indefinitely. While parents are being urged to talk to their kids about the apps they download and be mindful of the terms of service, others are cautioning everyone to take a breath.

There is nothing confirmed to support that you’re handing over “all” your images. Rather, the pics you run through the app are stored (so no, they’re not swiping all your info). And the company, who says nothing is headed to Russia says they’ll be happy to remove your images on request…from the Amazon and Google servers they’re stored on.

  • The app challenge went viral when celebs includingDrake,Taylor Swift,Kevin Hart, theJonas BrothersandDwyane Wadeaccepted the challenge, and posted pictures of themselves on Instagram looking older.

Source:The Guardian

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