YouTube Star's Clothing Line Ditches Typical Sizes

YouTuber Nabela Noor is on a mission to prove that “you are more than a label.” She recently launched a size-inclusive brand called Zeba, which is swapping traditional clothing sizes for a more empowering size chart, where there is no extra small, instead it’s “passionate” and large is “fearless.”

Zeba is more than just a lifestyle and fashion brand, according to its Instagram account, it’s a “self-love revolution.” The size range and size chart reflect Zeba’s desire to challenge sizing norms and standards and be inclusive. The shirts start at a traditional size XS and go to 4X, but those typical sizes are replaced with empowering words to describe shoppers' sizes, like “brave” and “independent.”

Noor says her goal with Zeba is to figure out how “we can make beauty something that includes everybody.” She explains, “In a world that’s constantly trying to make us feel like we’re not good enough, Zeba is there to remind you that you are.”


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