Wisconsin Family Discovers Living Frog in Organic Salad Container

live frog found in salad container

live frog found in salad container

A family in Wisconsin had a bit of a surprise while unpacking their groceries last week after discovering a stowaway thamanaged to make its way into their container of organic salad greens.

Video posted to Twitter by Karlie Allen, showed the moments after her brother noticed the frog inside the package of Simple Truth organic greens they'd purchased from a nearby Pick 'N Save grocery store.

"I'm across the room and I hear a shriek and a thud," Allen told WTMJ. "And my brother looks at [my mom] and goes, 'Mom, why is there a frog in the salad?'"

"Oh my God, it's literally alive," Alen woman can be heard saying in the video as the camera pans to her mother who is cringing at the frog in the salad container.

"I'm thinking one, how the heck did that get in there, and two, that is absolutely disgusting," said Allen.

The family wanted to return their container of organic salad greens and the live frog back to the place of purchase, but the little amphibian managed to escape. The store refunded their money regardless.

Simple Truth apologized to Allen on Twitter, writing, "Hey Karlie, Yikes! We are so sorry that you discovered a live frog in the Simple Truth product. So that we can direct message you and resolve this, please follow us on Twitter. Let us know when you are following us. Thanks!"

In a separate statement to WTMJ, Roundy's, the parent company for Pick 'N Save said: "These situations happen from time to time when organic products are involved. USDA Certified Organic items must be free of synthetic additives and certain pesticides. Although rare, from time to time we do see insects and other small animals such as frogs make it through packaging with fresh produce items. In this instance, the customer returned the organic lettuce for an even exchange."