Former FBI Lawyer Lisa Page Speaks Out, Trump Responds

If the name Lisa Page is familiar, it’s because she’s the former FBI lawyer who had an affair and exchanged messages with former FBI counterintelligence head Peter Strzok about then-candidate Donald Trump.

Often the target of President Trump’s tweets, Page says the President's depiction of a fake orgasm at an October rally was the straw that broke the camel's back and got her to break her silence. At the rally, Trump imitated how he says how she and Strzok talked to each other. While the remarks clearly appeared to simulate a romantic interlude, Trump supporters have argued whether the President was actually trying to imitate an orgasm.

Either way, Page tells the “Daily Beast” that it’s been hard not to defend herself from personal attacks from the President. For his part, Trump has taken to Twitter to suggest that Page isn’t an innocent victim and he raises suspicions over several missing texts.

  • As for why Page and Strzok have been the target of Trump’s ire, at the time of the affair, Strozk was handling the Hillary Clinton email investigation and a probe into the Trump campaign. Leaked text messages between them showed they often spoke about disliking Trump and having an "insurance policy" in anticipation of Trump's election.
  • Page’s interview comes ahead of a Justice Department Inspector General report due this month expected to outline FBI misconduct in obtaining a surveillance warrant for a former Trump adviser.

Source:Daily Beast

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