Dems Make It Official In Report: Trump Abused Power, Obstructed Justice

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is officially accusing President Trump of trying to enlist Ukraine “to do his dirty work" to help his re-election campaign.

Talking with reporters at the Capitol about the House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment inquiry report, California Democrat Adam Schiff noted that Trump delayed critical military aid while pushing Ukraine to investigate Democrats. Ukraine's president was also seeking a coveted White House meeting and photo-op with the American president.

Schiff insists that the facts “cannot be seriously contested.” Schiff said Trump is an unethical president who believes he is above the law. He also accused Trump of obstructing congressional investigations. Schiff said Trump is not beyond accountability. He warned, if Trump is not checked by Congress, it will "fundamentally alter the balance of powers" in the U.S.What else is in the report?

  • More than a dozen others and texts between President Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and White House numbers during the time he was in Ukraine. This,as Trump himself has denied sending Giuliani to Ukraine for anything.
  • But also, records also show that Giuliani associate Lev Parnas and Rep. David Nunes, the ranking Republican on the Intelligence Committee, in frequent contact last April, when Giuliani was publicly calling for an investigation of Biden
  • That Vice President Mike Pence is among the officials who at least had knowledge of President Trump’s efforts to tweak U.S. foreign policy for personal gain.
  • Democrats cite four specific examples where the President turned to Twitter to go after people and intimidate those called to testify before the House committee
  • Read the entire report for yourself HERE.

The report will surely be the centerpiece of this morning’s House Judiciary Hearing, which gets underway at 9:30am ET.


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