TikTok Admits To Hiding Posts By Disabled, Gay And Overweight Users

The social network video app TikTok is admitting it blocked the reach of videos created by users assumed to be vulnerable to cyberbullying.

A German site exposed the fact that TikTok limited the reach of content created by users whose bios included hashtags like #fatwoman and #disabled, or had rainbow flags or other LGBTQ identifiers. leaked documents from the Chinese owned video site said people deemed "susceptible to harassment or cyberbullying based on their physical or mental condition" were hidden from feeds.

Not only that, but people with facial disfigurements, autism and Down syndrome were also affected.

In response to the story, TikTok spokesperson said "While the intention was good, it became clear that the approach was wrong and we have since removed the policy.” They didn’t say when the bad idea was stopped.


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