West Virginia Corrections Officers Give Nazi Salute In Class Photo

Graduating classes for years have always come up with creative ways to take pictures celebrating their achievements. Some are funny and witty while others are just silly. Then there's this class. 

Several employees of the West Virginia Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation have been suspended after a video surfaced of the group posing for a photo while giving a Nazi salute under the text “Hail Byrd!”

More than 30 participants from a basic training class were in the photo. The cabinet secretary for the West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety has sent a letter to all employees of the Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation condemning the photo. The class was conducted on October 21 through November 27.

Republican Governor Jim Justice condemned the photo and has “ordered the termination” of participants in the offensive picture. Many have already been suspended.

A spokesperson for the group said the “Hail Byrd” slogan referred to someone involved with the basic training class.

Source: New York Post

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