Ring Responds To Video Of Their System Getting Hacked In Girl’s Room

Security system company Ring is out with a statement and reminders about how to keep your devices safe.

The parents of eight-year-old Alyssa LeMay say someone hacked into the Ring camera inside her room at their Memphis home. LeMay told her parents she heard Christmas music and a man's voice coming out of the camera, saying he was Santa Claus and wanted to be her best friend. The video is frightening, but the system wasn’t hacked, according to Ring.

“Our security team has investigated this incident and we have no evidence of an unauthorized intrusion or compromise of Ring’s systems or network.” It turns out they used an old user name and password combination bought on the web to get it to the family’s system. Ring says there are steps to take to prevent this problem with them, or any password protected service.

  • Enable two factor authentication
  • Make someone a shared user. Don’t give out your log in info
  • Use different passwords for each account
  • Create strong passwords
  • Update passwords every three to six month


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