The U.S. Secretly Expelled Chinese Officials Accused Of Spying

There was a breach of a sensitive military base by Chinese officials in September and we’re just learning about it.

The Chinese Embassy officials involved have also been secretly expelled from the U.S. So here’s what happened: The group, which included the officials’ wives, entered the military base and evaded military personnel pursuing them and stopped only after fire trucks blocked their path.

American officials believe at least one of those Chinese representatives was an intelligence officer operating under diplomatic cover. The expulsions are the first of Chinese diplomats in 30 years. Neither Washington or Beijing has made the info about this incident public.

Lately, according to sources, Chinese officials with diplomatic passports have become bolder about showing up unannounced at research or government facilities.

As a result, the State Department was levied severe restrictions on the activities of Chines diplomats. It requires them to provide notice before meeting with local or state officials or visiting educational and research institutions. The Chinese Embassy is none too happy and calls it a violation of the Vienna Convention.


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