Men Get Probation For Trying To Steal Trump’s Tax Returns

A Philadelphia man and his accomplice are being sentenced to probation and community service for trying to steal President Donald Trump's tax returns from the IRS.

Andrew Harris,along with co-defendant Justin Hiemstra of Minnesota, received a term of two years' probation and 200 hours of community service. Both pleaded guilty to using school computers while they attended Haverford College to try and use the FAFSA student aid website to get the returns.

Their plot involved impersonating a Trump family member in a failed attempt to gain access to the President's federal tax information by creating a FAFSA account using President Trump's personal information. it happened two weeks after Trump’s entering into office.

In the sentencing, the judge noted “You didn’t get the candidate’s tax returns, but you’re going to hand over your own,” meaning the IRS is now looking at their financials. The judge also ordered Harris into drug and mental health treatment.

Source:Philadelphia Inquirer

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