Democrats and Republicans Have Different Thoughts on the Christmas Season

There’s no doubt our country is pretty divided right now, but the holidays seem to be one thing that shouldn't be political. But a new poll has done just that, and it seems Democrats and Republicans have some different thoughts on certain aspects of the Christmas season. 

According to a new poll:

  • 71% of Americans will acknowledge the season by saying “Merry Christmas,” while 27% will say “Happy Holidays.”
  • When broken down by party, 83% of Republicans say “Merry Christmas,” as compared to 68% of Independents and 63% of Democrats. 

And apparently folks have some stong opinions on which way Christmas characters may lean politically. For example:

  • Overall 42% of Americans believe Santa Claus is a Democrat, as compared to 35% who say he’s Republican, 13% who say he’s Libertarian and 11% who think he’s a Green Party member.
  • But, of course, each party is claiming Santa as one of their own, with 69% of Republicans saying Santa is a member of their party, while 73% of Democrats believe he sides with them.
  • Independents have different ideas though, with 36% saying he’s Democrat, 27% saying he’s Republican, 20% saying he’s Libertarian and 17% saying he’s part of the Green Party. 

As for other favorite Christmas characters:

  • Frosty the Snowman- 37% of Americans think he’s a Democrat, while 30% think he’s Republican, 17% think he’s Libertarian and another 17% think he’s Green.
  • Rudolph The Red Noses Reindeer- 37% of Americans think he's Republican, while 33% say he’s Democrat, 16% choose Libertarian and 14% say Green.
  • TheGrinch Who Stole Christmas- 48% of Americans say that at the beginning of the story he’s a Republican, while 37% think he’s a Democrat. (The poll didn’t ask folks thoughts about the Grinch at the end of the story.)

Source:Yahoo Finance

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