Report: Gender Pay Gap Will Take A Century Years To Achieve

Women will have to wait a century to get equal pay, but longer for full equality.

Most of us won’t see the day when a woman’s paycheck is equal to a man’s, and none of us will be around for the day when the world is fully equal.

A new report says it will be 99 years before women around the world get equal pay. The World Economic Forum on Tuesday published its Global Gender Gap Report. It measured the gender gap in 153 countries, in economics, politics, health and education, and calculated that, at the current rate of change, women will achieve equal economic participation in the year 2277.

The good news is, we’re almost there on education and health and survival is following quickly.

The report also ranked all 153 countries on their gender equality, and found that Iceland was the most gender-equal country. The U.S. ranks at number 53. On the bottom of the gender-equality list is Yemen.


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