Cheerleader Kicked Off Squad After Not Being Able To Wear Natural Hair

A mom in Denver is furious after her 11-year-old daughter was booted off her cheer squad following a disagreement with her coach about the girl’s natural hair. 

Nemiah Young is a cheerleader who has spent the past year competing with the Diamond Elite Allstar Cheerleading squad, but she has been forced to wear a hairpiece because her hair is required to look uniform with the other girls. Nemiah isn't happy about it and her mother Tiyana complained to the coach,Stephanie Trujillo,insisting it took at least “two hours” to do, and hurt Nemiah in the process.

Eventually Tiyana and Stephanie came to an agreement which would allow Nemiah to not have to wear the hairpiece, but then Stephanie backtracked, insisting Nemiah wold have to either wear her hair straight or return to the hair piece.

Tiyana was so upset she posted their entire exchange on social media, and at one point commented, “How am I going to explain to my 11-year-old that her curly hair is just as beautiful as straight hair but coaches don’t want you wearing your natural hair?” But then Tiyana added that Stephanie “crossed the wrong mother,” which prompted Diamond Elite Allstar Cheerleading to boot Niemah, noting that they wouldn’t tolerate threats.

But Tiyana still believes she was in the right to complain, noting, “Whether they are White, Black, Asian, curly hair, straight hair, no hair, I think all girls should feel supported,”

Source:Working Mother

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