Pelosi Hits The Brakes On Trump’s Senate Trial

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the impeachment of President Trump is a sad development for the nation...but she’s not about to end the pain anytime soon. At a Capitol briefing, while Pelosi argued that Trump's "reckless" actions prompted impeachment, she’s also pumping the brakes on the process.

While it’s customary for the House to deliver the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate immediately after they’re passed – she’s not. “It’s difficult to determine who the managers would be until we see the arena in which we will be participating,” Pelosi noted. “This is a serious matter, even though the majority leader in the United States Senate says it’s okay for the foreman of the jury to be in cahoots with the lawyers of the accused.”

Echoing commentsmade the night of the impeachment vote, Pelosi says the House will hold off on sending of the Articles – while criticizing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for saying he is not impartial and is working with the White House on preparing a defense of the President.

  • But get this...technically,President Trump isn’t actually impeached at all – and it’s BECAUSE the Articles haven’t been handed over to the Senate. Or in other words, the House hasn’t officially “informed” the Senate that the President has been impeached. That matters because as soon as the Senate is “informed,” the trial must begin a day later. While the Constitution doesn’t say how quickly the Senate is supposed to be ‘informed,’ legal experts are saying the longer the delay, the more thorny the legalities at hand.


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