Jersey City Shooting Dubbed "Domestic Terror"

Jersey City, New Jersey was rocked last month in a bizarre attack that killed a police detective and three innocent people inside a Kosher market. Now? Officials are saying that the incident was intended as a terror attack against police – and the local Jewish community.

Police say the dead suspects David Anderson and Francine Graham planned the attack for months and scouted out the Kosher market multiple times prior to the incident. But that’s not all – the U-Haul used by the couple apparently contained an bomb capable of massive destruction – of harming people as far as the length of five football fields away.

Investigators say Detective Joseph Seals who was murdered by the two prior to the attack on the store probably saved dozens of lives. How? His move to check out their U-haul prompted them into action – basically throwing them off before they could detonate their bomb.

Source:USA Today

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